6.1. Overview This benefit aims at supporting one upon the death of husband or cohabiter. It is paid for the first 20 working days after the death. A woman claiming for survival benefit must be above 45 years old and was unemployed. Same would prove that the latter was depending on the deceased prior to death. After the said period above, the person would continue to draw the benefit as a widow’s pension for a period of 1 year. If the latter has underage children and was depending on the deceased, the children will automatically qualifies for dependent benefit under the widow’s mothers Pension.

The benefit is payable for one year but the Agency can end it before the stated period if the beneficiary is proven to be:

  • In paid employment or self-employed,
  • Cohabiting or married with another person 8 Despite it is stipulated that the benefit is payable for only one year, the Minister may direct the Agency to continue the disbursement of payment for a further given period of time.

The current rate for this benefit is SR 2, 480.

6.2. Eligibility:

At the time of death, the person is the legal spouse or common-law partner of the deceased contributor,

6.3. Documents required:

  • Valid ID card,
  • An active bank account details,
  • Death Certificate of the deceased