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Retirement Benefit: 3. RETIREMENT BENEFIT 3.1. Overview
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All these benefits has its specific eligibility criteria under the Social Security Benefits Regulations (2010), that should be addressed before one can be awarded with a claimed benefit. The details of each benefit are explained below.


1.1. Overview This is payment made to an employed or self-employed person prior to becoming unfit for work. A claim for sickness benefit is only valid if it is lodged not later than the 7th day following the final day of the sickness. It is important to note that the Agency reserves the right to disqualify a person from entitlement of the benefit if the incapacitation for work is because of the person own misconduct or the person unreasonable fail to attend to medical examination or to submit medical certificate whenever the Agency may require it.

Sickness benefit is divided in two categories:

The first category covers; 

  • Registered Farmers,
  • Registered Fisherman,
  • Registered casual labour ( e.g. Land Marine/ Hunt Deltel),

How to calculate:

Example: John is a fisherman and he received three days sick leave in January 2016.

The calculation should be SR2, 480 / 31 x 3 = SR240 Approved Rates RA Total Amount to be paid Number of Sick Leave Number of days in the month of January 4 (The approved rate (AR) is being divided by all days of the month and multiplied by the number of days sick leave.)

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The second category covers;

  • Normal Casual Worker (short contract. E.g. Hotels),
  • Employed persons who exceed 30-60 days a year,
  • Self -Employed person ( Registered with SRC),
  • Taxi Driver,
  • SENPA Registered Cottage industry.

How to calculate:

If John was to fall under the second category and he gets seven days sick leave, his calculation should be: SR 2, 480 / 20 x 7 = SR868

second catFor the second category; the approved rate is being divided by only twenty (twenty one for tourism industry workers) working days multiply by the number of sick leave days. Thus the calculation excluded weekends and public holidays.

1.2. Eligibility and documents required In order to be assisted with the benefit the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Proof of employment (letter_ Evidence that the person was in employment/self-employed on the day immediately preceding the sickness.),
  • Valid ID Card,
  • Valid Sick Leave / Medical certificate (Original),