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Review Panel

There is also a Review Panel which is responsible for addressing the concerns of the aggrieved persons.

The Panel’s mandate includes:

Hearing reviews of persons dissatisfied with termination(s) from the Program;

  • Reviewing concerns about exclusion of needy/aggrieved persons; and
  • Reviewing cases relating to existing beneficiaries who have been non-compliant with the conditions of the Program for an extended period.

All applicants for whose scores fall above the cut of point will be notified in writing that they were not qualified for benefit and will be advised of the review process and informed of the right of review.

  • All notices for review should be submitted to the Investigation Unit of the Agency for Social Protection. The Unit will in turn prepare a Report for the Review Panel.
  • Aggrieved persons are allowed a period of three (3) months after the date of the notification letter, within which to seek a review.
  • Beneficiaries may also seek a review against decisions made regarding investigations for non-compliance with conditions of the Program.

The Review Panel is comprised of an appointed Chairperson and representatives from the following entities:-

  • One Representative from the NGO,
  • One Representative from the Business Community,
  • One representative from Religious Organization and
  • One Representative from the Public Sector.

The Review Panel may invite persons from time to time to give professional advice for example on legal matters or other technical matters which the members of the Panel may not be familiar; these members will not have a casting vote.