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MarcceoThe Agency Social Protection at some point plays a vital role in almost every household in Seychelles, be it in the form of direct cash transfers or indirect grants.

The aim of the Agency is to provide all of you with the information, financial support and other services you will require within our mandate in a timely, efficient and most importantly in a customer-friendly way.


The Agency is committed to ensuring that a customer service ethos is embedded in everything it does and that the same is embraced by everyone in the organisation. This Customer charter therefore forms part of our constant efforts to improve our services to you; the people we have been entrusted with to serve.


The Agency is determined to deliver a service that meets best international standards and maintains the public service values of openness, responsiveness, professionalism and good governance. The Customer Charter will therefore be a focal point in helping us to help meet this challenge. The Customer Charter will inform you of the services you can expect when dealing with our Agency and also of your responsibility towards the Agency.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you in advance for working together with us to meet the requirements set out in this charter and also to thank all staff of the Agency for their ongoing commitment to deliver a high level of service, allowing you in the process to receive the supports that you need, when you need it.


Mr Marcus Simeon


Chief Executive Officer,

Agency For Social Protection