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Retirement Benefit: 3. RETIREMENT BENEFIT 3.1. Overview
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All these benefits has its specific eligibility criteria under the Social Security Benefits Regulations (2010), that should be addressed before one can be awarded with a claimed benefit. The details of each benefit are explained below.


2.1. Overview This is payment made to all women who are on maternity leave from work, provided that they have proof of employment covering their pregnancy stage and delivery. The current rate payable for this benefit is SR 2, 480 monthly, provided that there is no public holiday. If there is public holiday, this should be discounted. For example, 2 days public holiday in June, the calculation will be as follows for only self-employed:

Number of Days in the Month Total Amount to be paid Approved Rates RA Number of Sick Leave 5 SR2, 480 / 20 x 18 = SR2, 232 Formal employed persons are paid their full salary by their employer.

Maternity Calcualtion

2.2. Eligibility A woman may be eligible to maternity benefit if the applicant is a citizen of Seychelles or an expatriate women with a valid GOP.

2.3 Documents required

  • Proof of confinement or expected confinement,
  • Proof of employment,
  • Valid ID Card Note that if a person is incapable of work on account of her confinement or expected confinement for any period immediately after cessation of the prescribed period for which the benefit is claimed, the Social Security Benefits regulations (2010) makes provision for the person to be assisted with sickness benefit.