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Retirement Benefit: 3. RETIREMENT BENEFIT 3.1. Overview
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5.1. Overview This benefit is given to a person who is partially or incapable of work due to illness stemming from sickness benefit (been on sickness benefit for at least 130 continuous working days).

It is the Medical Board who decides the length of the benefit and not the Agency. However, the Social Security Benefits Regulations made provision for the Agency to disentitle a person with the benefit if upon investigation; - the person is involved in activities that would delay recovery - the person unreasonably fails to provide the Agency with medical documents or - the person fails to attend medical examination as may be required by the agency. The current amount for this benefit is SR 5, 050.

5.2. Eligibility:

Is partially or incapable of work due to illness for at least 130 continuous working days.

5.3. Documents required:

  • Medical report from Medical Board,
  • Valid ID card,
  • An active bank account details