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Retirement Benefit: 3. RETIREMENT BENEFIT 3.1. Overview
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9.1. Overview The Injury/Disablement benefits are linked together. It is payable to a person who is injured on duty. The person is to be paid by his/her employer for the first 30 normal sick leave or 60 days if hospitalized, thereafter refers to the Agency for consideration of Injury Benefit, which is payable for a period of 6 months. Should the person failed to recover from the claimed injury, the Agency would forward case to the Medical Board for assessment of Disablement Benefit.

The medical board will decide and recommend on what percentage of disablement the person is to be paid. If the person is totally incapacitated for work, he/she shall be entitled to the benefit at the standard rate. However, if the person is less than 100% incapacitated, he/she shall be entitled to a percentage of the standard rate of the benefit.

The current rate for this benefit is SR 2, 480. Calculation of partial disability: John got injured at his place of work and lost a finger. After being assessed by the medical board for his disablement benefit John was declared to be 30% partially disabled.

Therefore, the calculation for John’s benefit should be as follows:

injury benefit

SR 2, 480 x 30% = SR744 Approved Rates RA Total Amount to be paid Percentage of Incapacity 10 Note that the benefit is payable for life even after reaching and benefiting with Retirement Pension and that if a person is certified to be partially disabled the calculation of the benefit will depend on the percentage of the disablement.

Any beneficiary who is declared to be partially disabled below 50% is allowed to take employment.

9.2. Eligibility:

  • Injured whilst on duty,

9.3 Documents required:

  • Proof of employment (letter_ Evidence that the person was in employment/self-employed on the day immediately preceding the injury.),
  • Valid ID Card,
  • Valid Sick Leave / Medical certificate (Original)