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Home Care and Family support

The role of the Section is to ensure the provision of financial assistance to people in the community who, because of illness or some other unfortunate life event are totally or partially dependent, who live alone and who cannot pay for a carer out of their own funds.

It ensures that a client’s application for home care and family support is done diligently to guarantee prompt payment.

The Section works in close collaboration with community nurses and the District Administration Offices and conduct field visits to investigate complaints and monitor the care and services given by Carers.

It is headed by a Senior Registration and Monitoring Officer assisted by six Registration and Monitoring Officers on Mahe and one on Praslin/La Digue.

The Senior Registration and Monitoring Officer coordinate and manage the operational activities of the section with regards to the goals and objectives of the Home Care and Family Support Programme. The post-holder works in close collaboration with community nurses and also conducts field visits to ensure that the work undertaken by the Registration and Monitoring Officers is done as it should be.

The post-holder also sees clients and is expected to be very conversant with legislation pertaining to social welfare schemes and the Social Security Act.The Monitoring Officers work in close collaboration with programme recipients; out on the field monitoring the performance of the Carers. They are responsible for the monitoring of an assigned regional caseload; investigating complaints and monitoring the care and services given by Carers to ensure that programme recipients receive prompt and quality services from Carers as requested. Monitoring Officers are expected to be very conversant with Social Welfare and Social Security Legislation.

The duties include:

  • Registration and Processing;
  • Counselling and Referral Services;
  • Monitoring and Investigation; and
  • Administrative duties.