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Disability Benefit


11.1. Overview Payment made to a person who cannot work because of long-term illness, has a disability or a child born with or who develops some form of disability during childhood that prevents him/her to continue to function actively in society.

A person below the age of 15 years old who is claiming for this benefit must have been referred by an appointed pediatrician from the Rehabilitation Centre/ NCFD (National Council for the Disabled).

The current rate for this benefit is SR5, 050.

11.2. Eligibility:

  • A person who cannot work because of long-term illness or has a disability.
  • A Child born with or develop a disability during childhood.

11.3 Documents required:

  • Medical Report from an appointed Pediatrician for a person under 15 years of age,
  • Medical Certificate from Occupational Health Unit,
  • Valid ID card,
  • An active bank account details.