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Retirement Benefit: 3. RETIREMENT BENEFIT 3.1. Overview
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10.1-Overview This benefit is awarded to a person or children of whom the person they are depending on is already in receipt of a statutory benefit. However; for Maternity Benefit, Disablement Benefit and Retirement Pension; special criteria and calculation is to be considered. In the event that the person to be granted the benefit is an adult, he/she must be entirely dependent on the person receiving the benefit of which the dependent is to be claimed under. For example; an unemployed woman of whom her husband is in receipt of Invalidity benefit and was the sole bread winner, she is to be awarded the benefit as she is entirely dependent on the husband.

In the event of a child above 15 years old, the claimant must provide to the satisfaction of the Agency confirmation letter to ascertain that the child is still attending formal schooling.


  • For Maternity benefit, the mother can only claim benefit for any children that are still depending on her, except for the new born,
  • For Retirement pension, a person can only claim for this benefit if he/she was receiving Invalidity benefit prior to reaching the retirement age and the dependent was declared then.
  • For Injury/Disablement benefit, the calculation of the benefit will be based on the percentage of incapacity of which the beneficiary is being paid.

So if John who is in receipt of 30% of Disablement benefit and was to claim for dependent benefit for his son Johny and wife Margaret, the calculation would be:

SR:1, 380 x 30% = SR414 (Adult)

adult benefit

 SR:1, 230 x 30% = SR369 (child)

child benefit

The current rate for this benefit is SR1, 230 in respect of a child and SR1, 380 in respect of an adult.

10.2. Eligibility:

  • The person or children of whom the person they are depending must already be in receipt of a statutory benefit,
  • All children irrespective of their age, the claimant MUST provide their birth certificates of which his/her details appears on it. In the event that the claimant does not feature on the birth certificate an affidavit or investigative report must be submitted from the Social Services department to confirm that the latter is the biological parent of the child. Other document such as Family Tribunal Order can be considered.

10.3. Documents required:

  • Valid ID card of both the beneficiary and the Dependent,
  • Birth Certificate of the child/children/Investigative report from Social Services Department,
  • School/professional centers confirmation letter.