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Benefits and Welfare

The role is twofold:

Processing Benefits

Provide statutory benefits as per entitlements under the Social Security Act of 1987, undertaken through the registration, processing, verification and payment of Benefits, notably: Sickness Benefit; Maternity Benefit; Injury Benefit; Invalidity Benefit; Disability Benefit; Survivor Benefit; Funeral Benefit; Retirement Benefit; Dependent Benefit; Orphan and Abandoned Child Benefits, and Level of Subsistence (Supplementary Benefit, S.I. of 2010).

Processing Welfare Assistance

Provide targeted social assistance in terms of supplementary allowance to those whose household income falls below the established threshold and to empower them to achieve economic independence to fulfill their basic needs, discouraging a culture and psychology of dependence; this section assumes the responsibilities of the previous Means Testing Board. 

The Benefits and Welfare Section is currently operated by eight Senior Benefits & Welfare Officers (including one on Praslin), 29 Benefits & Welfare Officers and 2 Social Protection Officers.

A Senior Benefits & Welfare Officer is in charge of a region, working primarily to ensure that standards and performance is exemplary and undertaken with diligence to allow for efficiency, expediency and effectiveness of all work processes concerning the client.

The Benefits and Welfare Officers are the first point of contact for clients seeking benefits and welfare assistance. They are responsible for the management of an assigned district caseload, facilitating direct service delivery and ensuring that the client’s application for assistance is done diligently to guarantee a prompt response. Officers are expected to be very conversant with Social Welfare and Social Security Legislation.

These duties include:

  • Registration and Processing;
  • Counselling and Referral Services;
  • Monitoring and Investigation; and.
  • Administrative duties.

The role of the Social Protection Officers are to ensure that approved benefits are properly authorized and processed for payment on a timely basis and subsequently make sure that the payment database on recipients is maintained and updated.  The Officers work in close collaboration with ministries who operate the conditional cash transfer schemes; meeting occasionally with them to discuss changes or new developments.

The Officers are expected to be very conversant with legislation pertaining to social welfare schemes and the Social Security Act.