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Review Panel: There is also a Review Panel which is
Retirement Benefit: 3. RETIREMENT BENEFIT 3.1. Overview
Assistant: This Office is the point of reference
welfare Officers: The Agency is governed by a Board of s
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ASP Structure

The Agency is divided into four main divisions namely:

1. CEO’s secretariat; A number of specific specialised functions are held within the CEO’s secretariat. These include:

                           -Programme, Strategy, Research, & Development Unit,

                           -Investigations Unit and Executive Services holding, PR,

                           -Communication & IEC and Management Information System,


2. Finance Management & Budget Administration, holding Budget and Payroll, Procurement Management and Financial Benefits Operations,


3. HR Management & Administrative Services, holding HR Management and Payroll Administration, HR Development and Performance Management, Administration and Supplies,


4. Operations Division; holding, Benefits and Welfare Assistance and Approved schemes,

                                                     Click Chart to see ASP Structure