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Approve Schemes

Post-secondary bursary:

  • This universal assistance is given to all students attending post-secondary, Institutions in Seychelles.

SPTC Travel concession:

  • Subsidized bus fare for primary and secondary student, free bus pass for post- secondary student, elderly and the disabled.

Specialized child treatment:

  • Funding for Ministry of Health for approved overseas specialized treatment cost for children. Adults ones are catered directly by the Ministry.

Dedicated Fund for School:

  • The provision of school snacks, school lunch, uniforms and other miscellaneous items such as stationary to crèche, primary and secondary state school children with the aim of preventing truancy.

Home Care Programme:

  • Payment of a caregiver in household or institution to help the recipient with his/her daily living activities following a health assessment of the recipient and means- testing assessment of his/her immediate household members.

Skills acquisition programme:

  • Cash allowance for youth who participate in skills training/acquisition programs offered by the Ministry of Labour.

Foster care:

  • Allowance for foster caregivers/foster parent.

Day care:

  • To assist with day care cost for child up to 4 years of age who is not in crèche, whereby the parent(s)/guardian is in employment.

Travel Subsidy:

  • Free travel for medical patients from Praslin or La Digue, by air or ferry, to continue treatment on Mahe.
  • Post-secondary students on Mahe coming from Praslin or La Digue qualify for two ferry tickets per month. Subsidized travel of 25% to pensioners to travel in between the island be it by air or ferry.

Overseas treatment companion scheme:

  • Patient funded by MoH for overseas treatment will be assisted with one return ticket, which is non means-tested.

Child minder:

  • Registered child-minders with IECD who are looking after children aged between 6 to 10 years old, to be assisted with Sr5, 050 on a monthly basis.

PMC Rental Tenant Scheme:

  • To assist families on minimum wage who are renting PMC houses with half rental payment and pensioners with full rental payment.